JULY 6-9, 2023
Saint Clair, MO

[vc_row][vc_column][slz_main_title style=”style-2″ align=”center” title=”Earth Dance Farms and Pickin’ On Music Festivals present Farmers United”][vc_column_text]Dates:  April 23rd – 26th, 2018


Farmers United at Little Piggy KC – April 23,2018

Farmers United at Broadway Brewery – April 24,2018

Farmers United at EarthDance Farm – April25, 2018

This collaboration is created to raise awareness and build coalitions among like-minded groups of organic farmers, permaculturalists, musicians and foodies across Missouri. Beginning in Kansas City, MO on April 23 (the day after Earth Day) this collaboration will provide a locally produced farm-to-table dinner or potluck with The Mighty Pines providing the soundtrack. The Mighty Pines are a progressive pop/roots/fusion band that bends genres and leaves audiences energized across the nation. The second day of the collaboration will be hosted at a seventh-generation family farm outside Columbia, Missouri. The third and final day of the collaboration will be at EarthDance Organic Farm School in St. Louis.

Messaging is being created to use the platform of farm-to-table dinners accompanied by live music to speak to the most pressing issues facing farmers and our environment today. Many people know they “should” choose organic or local when possible, but the reasons why aren’t as well understood.

American agriculture sits at a crossroads, and human health and agriculture are inextricably linked. What we eat (aka, our food supply) is determined by our agricultural choices and of course what we choose to eat determines, to a large degree, our health outcomes.

For those concerned about our food supply, and in particular about what it means for the folks at the front lines of it – our farmers – as well as what the very foundation of it depends upon – our soil – the purpose of this 3 day cross-state collaboration is to share ways in which we can support farmers to make choices that are truly in the public’s (and environment’s) best interest.

This collaboration is being created to inform and mobilize eaters all throughout Missouri who care about farmers and healthy soil to take action! In addition, a documentary will be created of this collaboration, recording the journey, the experience and the knowledge, to carry on the message long after April 2018.

*3 shows, 3 days, tickets will be sold per show