The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys

The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys’ energetic and unapologetically vintage sound points to the
golden era of bluegrass music, all the while appealing to a fresh audience hungry for
authenticity. It’s music for the fans of Monroe, Martin, Scruggs and Stanley but also for
fans who discovered bluegrass in the age of Billy Strings, Trampled By Turtles and
Greensky Bluegrass. Mixing in healthy doses of their own original material, The Po’
Ramblin’ Boys are breath of fresh air on the roots music scene today.

“Every so often a band comes around that knocks everybody’s socks off and gets people talking. I’d
bet good money that you’re gonna really enjoy them, but I don’t want to take your money-use it to
listen to the PRB. I‘m putting my money on them.” – Jim Lauderdale

“When I hear The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys, I’m taken back to when I first fell in love with this music. Each
is a master of their craft, but it’s the special joy they take in playing it “the old time way” that
commands your attention. This music hails from a time before people saw bluegrass and country
music as separate things, and the band accomplishes that most difficult of musical tasks by
capturing the manic energy of their live shows in the studio.” – John Lawless, Bluegrass Today

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