JULY 11-14, 2024
Saint Clair, MO

Dom B Roy & The Pickin’ Boys

Bio: Dom B Roy and the Pickin Boys Well, ya’ll, let me tell you 'bout Dom B Roy and the Pickin Boys, a downright delightful collaboration that's fixin' to tickle your fancy. Now, Dom B Roy, he's a songwriter extraordinaire, known 'round these parts for his gift of spinnin' tales that pluck at your heartstrings. And when you pair him up with Joe Credit from The Vine Brothers and Kevin Watkins from Taters, Maters, and Squarsh, well, somethin' magical happens. These boys blend up a mighty fine mix of folk and bluegrass that'll have you hollerin' with joy and kickin' up your heels. Dom B Roy, he's got a voice that cuts straight to the bone, pourin' out raw emotion with every word. Joe, bless his soul, brings his multi-instrumental skills honed from his time with The Vine Brothers, weavin' intricate melodies and harmonies like a spider weavin' its web. And let me tell you, Kevin from Taters, Maters, and Squarsh, he knows his way around them strings, addin' a liveliness that'll make your feet start tappin'. When Dom B Roy and the Pickin Boys take the stage, it's like a good ol' hootenanny. Their original songs come straight from the heart, speakin' to the struggles and joys of everyday folks like you and me. They ain't afraid to dig deep into them human feelings, stirrin' up a mix of introspection and jubilation that'll have you singin' along and stompin' your boots. These boys have built up a dedicated following with their heartfelt lyrics and unforgettable performances. There's somethin' 'bout their music that grabs hold of your soul, takin' you on a journey of feelin' and dancin' that'll stick with you long after the last chord fades away. So get ready, my friends, to be transported to a place where the folk spirit runs wild. Dom B Roy and the Pickin Boys are here to whisk you away with their enchantin' melodies, heartwarmin' words, and the kind of foot-stompin' tunes that'll make you wanna holler "yeehaw!" They'll have you grinnin' from ear to ear and movin' like there's no tomorrow.

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