JULY 11-14, 2024
Saint Clair, MO

Silence, the Duck

BROTHERS AREN'T BORN TOGETHER Like the confluence of the great rivers Cody Cantrall (guitar, vocals) and Tony Nawrocki (bass, vocals) came together in St. Louis in 2014 sharing bills with each other's bands. They quickly found common ground for their appreciation of bluegrass music, and after a few sessions together they found their musical commonalities ran much deeper. Silence, the Duck began to take flight on wings built of passion and a fearless appoach to improvisation, evocative lyricism, traditional bluegrass, jam, rock, and the dark, absurd, silly realm only to be described as "Duck music." Robert Rice (mandolin, vocals) from Springfield, MO joined Silence, the Duck in 2023. Rob, a talented multi-instrumentalist and classical trained operatic-style singer, brings years of compositional, vocal, and live experience from the plethora of projects he has been involved in. Supported by a vast catalogue of original music and genre defying covers, Cody, Tony, and Rob have forged their brotherhood into a truly one-of-a-kind sound and experience capable of taking any turn in stride while captivating audiences from large festival stages to dark smoky bar rooms. BROTHERS ARE FORGED IN FIRE

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