JULY 6-9, 2023
Saint Clair, MO


By Derrick Weisbrod

Our friends from Eureka Strings hosted a sweet show at the Broadway Boat Bar on February 4th. The venue is slightly north of downtown St. Louis and has multiple floors to where bands can perform. There is the basement venue space as well as the main floor space where the bar is. This particular event was on the main floor with the bar. It is a venue that has a great vibe. I ended up at the show a little early to drop off some gear to be used for the show with the lighting production. An alumni of the Pickin’ On Picknic band competition and performer leading the Magnificent Mullets of Lonedell, Cody Perkins, kicked off the show with all original tunes performed solo with his acoustic guitar. Towards the end of the set he invited up friends from Lawrence KC from the band Moonshroom to really hype up the crowd for their set and what a good job of hyping us up they did! 

Moonshroom is a band comprised of Lily B. Moonflower, band leader of the Lily B. Moonflower Band. Jake Keegan is the band leader from The Jake Keegan Band and former band member of Grassfed, another alumni band of Pickin’ On Picknic events. They were joined by Zach Bozeman on Bass who I recently saw playing the Fool’s Yule with Cameron Keeling and The Runaway Train December 17th, 2022. I understand they present a four and five piece option but as my first experience seeing their trio I was quite pleased with the performance. It was nice style meld between what I had most recently seen from The Jake Keegan Band and Lily B Moonflower Band with a twist of psychedelic sounds mixed in for our listening pleasure. We enjoyed our groove with them during their set and worked up a nice sweat. 

I went upstairs during the changeover after there show to hang out with them for a bit and also broke the news to Jake and Lily about having a flat tire. After getting that scoped out we rallied to go support our homies in Eureka Strings. I later found out that one of the team members at the Broadway Boat Bar changed their tire for them, what a kind thing to do for the traveling artists. Kudos to the venue for supporting the performers so well! We boogied down to the unique grass, country, blues and other styles of groovy sounds Eureka Strings presents at their shows. I’ve been watching them for a couple years now and they have really tightened up as a band. Especially in the last 6 months, it’s really coming together! We got down with their set until the very end. It was such a great vibe! Eureka Strings is playing the Pickin’ On Picknic 2023 for their first time this summer and I am quite looking forward to their set. The stage is set for some surprise magic to be possible during their performance, and hoping that comes to fruition! 

All in all this was quite the fun evening. I was appreciative to see a lot of friends and spend such a positive evening together. Looking forward to seeing all these bands again in the near future!