JULY 11-14, 2024
Saint Clair, MO

One of the best things about St. Louis is our local beer. From the world-wide brand of Anheuser Busch, to the downtown-standby of the Schlafly Taproom, St. Louis has been a hotbed of beer culture from the independent micro-breweries to the industrial scale of Busch, housed in centuries old, brick clad factories with gargoyles peering down over the ledges.

If any beer could define a town, though, it may well be City Wide. The iconic tall can is wrapped in the flag of St. Louis, a simple red, blue, and yellow illustration of the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. City Wide is made by 4 Hands Brewing Co., a home-grown microbrewery located in downtown St. Louis, visible from interstate 55 as you curve through Soulard and head for the arch. In the city, you often see 4 Hands trucks with the City Wide art on the side, delivering the local brews to bars, restaurants, and grocery stores. It is as much a symbol of the city as the flag itself.

Pickin’ On Music Festivals is proud to say that 4 Hands Brewing Co. is a returning sponsor for Pickin’ on Picknic! Not only is this company a maker of great beers, they are a supporter of great music. In St. Louis, local beer and local music go hand in hand.

Check out their website to learn more about their company and their AMAZING range of local brews: https://4handsbrewery.com/

Keep an eye out for your favorite brew this summer, and raise a glass to good music, good friends, and good times.